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2019 General Regatta Sailing Instructions

2019 Ballyholme Yacht Club Anniversary Regatta Sis

2019 Royal Ulster Yacht Club Regatta Sis

2019 East Antrim Boat Club Regatta Sis

2019 Cockle Island Sailing Club Regatta SIs

2019 Carrickfergus Sailing Club Regatta Sis - Updated

2019 County Antrim Yacht Club Regatta Sis

2019 Donaghadee Sailing Club Regatta SIs

2019 Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club Regatta SIs

2019 Holywood Yacht Club Regatta Sis

Regatta Sailing Instructions 2019

Sailing Instructions for Regattas are published in two parts.  The first part (the General Regatta Sailing Instructions) contain those instructions that are common to all regattas in the Lough.  The second part is the Sailing Instructions that are particular to a Club.  Both parts are available here in pdf format.  Sis are added as they are received - if it is not yet available it is because the Club has not yet provided them to us.

CAUTION:  Club Sailing Instructions can sometimes change the start times or classes for individual Regattas so need to be read in conjunction with the General Instructions.  Don’t leave it until the day of the Regatta!