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Boats and Handicaps

For Cruisers, Belfast Lough Yachting Conference uses the RYA National Handicap for Cruisers (NHC) system.  Boats will start using their Base Numbers as listed on the RYA’s web site.  Handicaps will be revised after each regatta and will be part of a series of nine races.  Boats that do not turn up for a regatta will revert to their Base Number.

Finish times for all cruisers taking part in regattas are to be submitted to Steve Atkinson by midnight on the Monday after the regatta.  Steve will revise the handicaps according to the NHC system and they will be published here as soon as available.

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Boat list for 2021 - This will be updated for 2022 when data available

NHC Handicap list for Cruisers Excel Format
Updated 5th August 2021 (After DSC Regatta)

RYA PY List 2021 Excel format

RYA PY List 2021 Excel format for boats with limited data

NOTE: Sigma 33 class will race in Unrestricted Class 1

regardless of current NHC Handicap